A Fine Dam Job


A Fine Dam Job!

In the beginning, Mr Keith (our Herring propane filler upper) mentioned that, “those trees need to come off the dam”, we researched it and sure enough, he was right.



Over the spring and summer, Randy worked really hard to get every last tree, bush, rootstock and trunk off the dam face and backside.




He employed a variety of tools and vehicles including his truck, tractor, chainsaw, loppers, shovel, and occasionally his winch and his wench (HA!)



He shaved a bit off the top to make it driveable and mowable and improved the spillway.





He got the tractor stuck a few times and only ran it into the pond once! He went swimming a few times(country boy style) and stirred up a few wasps nests and ant hills along the way.




Smoothed it out, graded it, seeded  it, watered it and we had a dam that is good to go.




All in all it was remarkable effort and makes for quite a view.

The rehab of the dam is done and isn’t it a FINE job!!  All that’s left is for the grass to grow more in the spring.


Another Point of View

Same view, different porch.  We have officially moved fully into the “little house”.  Randy moved the hot water heater, washer, dryer, stove and refrigerator over here from the big house—not to mention reworking the water pipes and electric service since it all worked off the big house system. The big house has moved down the road (literally less than a mile down the road) and the builder has started grading for the new construction. The red dirt in the small section to the right of the “new view” is clay moved from a section down by the big pond to get a good foundation.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving