Stop Thief! (caution-potty humor ahead)


So some days my husband is more smart-alecky than others, and he was having one of those days.

We were sitting on the porch of the little house, which faces the back pasture, when we heard the sound of a truck coming down the driveway. The workers had gone home for the day, but all their equipment was out in the yard as usual. Randy got up and looked around the corner and said “Someone is stealing our sh*t”.  OMG. You have to understand. He very seldom uses off color language, but wasn’t alarmed.  I got alarmed and had to go look.  Sure enough someone was taking our sh*t!  Well, not OUR sh*t, but our workers’ sh*t.

Actually….our contractor had had a portapotty  delivered for the duration of the construction and the company was here for the weekly pump out and freshen up.

So all was well and you just gotta love a man with a sense of humor.




Finally..the building inspector gave us a certificate of occupancy!

Finally..the contractor handed us the keys!

Finally..I am blogging about it!!!!

I was trying to find the time to do a full witty blog with wonderful pictures, but that’s not going to happen soon. So, here are the basics and some cool shots. Just bear in mind that we had about 3 days to move the basics before April, Ervin and Andrew came to visit. Then we just relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed visiting with them (yes, they did help with some heavy stuff).  Now we are slowly moving, landscaping, gardening, and loving our new house and my new view from the porch.

And the front

the side

the back


the great room and dining


the kitchen

the pantry

the guest bath


the study

the laundry








the master bath


the porch



the view from the master bedroom



Love to all and visit anytime