“Tis the Season

It is hard to believe that this is our 3rd Christmas at Green Acres.  Am I slowing down or is time moving faster? Or is it a combination of both!

We are getting ready to welcome the Cardenas family here for the holidays: oldest daughter, April, her new husband, Ervin and stepdaughter, Aubrey.  They are truly wonderful additions to our family.  We got a chance to visit them in Fresno this July when they tied the knot.  It was fun to meet all of Ervin’s family and celebrate with them.

We also got to hang out with son, Andrew while we were there. He will be graduating this spring from Fresno state in Women’s Studies and we hope the world is ready for him.

We will also host our younger daughter, Emily for a few days. She still lives in Amarillo and works hard as an electrician’s apprentice.  She too has guineas, and we love to compare notes on them.  She also has chickens, goats and a mini-mule! I think I will stick with just my guineas for now.

Randy’s bees (the girls!) did an awesome job this year. We were prepared not to get any honey but it was a bumper crop pollen and nectar wise.  We harvested our first honey in July with the help of friends Linda and Mark while they were staying with us during a thoroughly enjoyable visit.  It was so much fun to share good times—and good honey!  We got more honey in October and November with plenty left in the hive for the bees to winter over.  Randy already is acquiring more hive boxes to expand in the spring. Watch out Sue Bee.

While Randy was having fun with the bees, I was acquiring some Guinea Fowl!  I started with a small confusion of young ones, and am getting to experience life with semi-domesticated birds.  Marble and Cappy still don’t know quite what to make of these funny animals.

This leads us to Randy’s new favorite line:  He and I are now fully qualified to talk about the birds and the bees. LOL

I still garden most of the time. It was a joy to make up hanging baskets and cute pots  for the porch of the new house and to start landscaping around the house and flowerbeds. In the vegetable garden I grew some okra and soybeans (edemame) for the freezer, but, this was the summer of the pepper. I grew Chilitepin, Tabasco, Thai, Habanero, and Jalapenos. We have them pickled, dried and frozen.  We do like to spice things up here now and again.

And of course fishing never gets old. Every so often, I actually keep what I catch and Randy cleans them for me.  It sometimes goes in the freezer right next to the deer meat! Randy got a buck last year (from his “deer blind” aka back porch) that kept us in venison all year and he just bagged a doe to feed us next year. The sweetest part is that he cooks it too. AND does a fantastic job. He makes me feel like quite the queen bee.

While our home and land keeps us busy, we love having company. Granny visits regularly and we go wild playing cards and chicken foot! We also had a visit from Gram and Pat in November and that was too short and way too loaded with calories, but can’t wait to do it again.


Merry Christmas to all and wishing everyone the best of the best for the New Year.