March of the Guineas

The guineas were gone.  I came home from church late Thursday morning and Randy said the birds had not been around all morning, but that a bad storm cell had blown through.  We had a total of 21 when I let them out that morning, but by evening they had not returned.  Things looked bad. The last time they spent the night in the open was a year ago after an attack in their coop.  


The next day, Friday, we waited till late morning-no guineas-so we started walking the property. At one point, we heard them squawking, but far off into the neighbors’ land. Randy walked the fence line without hearing them again, but saw a break in the fence. So he texted our neighbor just to give him a heads up about the fence and found out that the flock had been at his house the day before!! So they were in the area, but not coming home.  We decided to wait until the next day and see what happened.


I had not even made coffee on Saturday morning when Mr. Roger texted again and the guineas were in his yard!! Alleluia.  We bundled up, grabbed a container of treats to shake and drove over. There they were. Only 20, but I was happy with that. I think they were glad to see me too.


And so it started…I shook the container and the guinea followed. Down the driveway.   Onto Johnny Martin Road.  Around the curve.  Past Mr. Buddy’s pasture.   And as soon as we approached our fence line, the lead guineas started passing me. They wanted to go home.  The dogs met them halfway down the front yard and it was a happy reunion.    


I really expected them home at some point, but we have a hard freeze coming in a few days and you know how mom’s worry.  All is good now. 


Happy New Year.