A Time to Build

Well…my blogging has not been done in the timely manner I wanted.  Yes, there were many unavoidable delays:  snow, freezing weather,snow, rain, more freezing weather, not to mention the holidays. I just haven’t kept up with my blog dates.  But our awesome builder was working as often as he could and really kicked it into gear when the weather cleared up.

Red clay was hauled from our back pasture for create the pad for the foundation after the topsoil was removed. About 15 dump truck loads worth of clay!!

Cinderblock walls will support the built up base.

All smoothed out.

Tubing for radiant heat installed. Everyone thought Randy was crazy for wanting this feature…then we had the snow, freeze, snow, etc. Who’s crazy now?

Pouring the slab. And all this equipment plus eight cement trucks slip sliding in our muddy yard. Quite the achievement.

Framing starts. Now it is looking like a house!

Framing continues including the porch joists.

I will try to be more regular with these updates, but I have to say the weather is perfect for gardening and fishing, so….




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