And So It Goes

And So It Goes

Wow-it seems like just yesterday I was taking down Christmas decorations and now it’s Lent already. Mardi Gras passed like a blur and that was without taking in any parades or major parties.


It turns out January and February are prime times to prune around here. Really nice since the weather is mostly cool and mild. This would not be fun in the summer. Randy did all of the heavy pruning: the satsumas, crape myrtles, and the muscadines. We did my beautiful big fig together and I even got the chance to use the FJ and brush grubbers to pull out trees by myself one day when he was working on getting his part of the electrical done to the shop. We did one of the big oaks and he even got out a HUGE chunk of poison ivy without a major outbreak. More clearing around the house and potting shed and all of a sudden I have another giant burn pile to get through.

Yes that’s poison ivy

We finally got some advice on the big house. Three contractors have given us advice and it was all the same-build new. One of them actually worked up a plan to repair the foundation, but the cost was up there.  When you factor in a new roof, redoing the plumbing and electric, and adding a carport and garage—it just makes more sense to start from scratch.


We are planning to build a new house right in front of the current one. It makes better use of the land and we can continue to use the kitchen in the big house for now.  Randy got some software and made use of his drafting knowledge, combined that with some advice from my mom (who has designed a few of her own homes with great success), and we have a pretty neat home plan.  Just a little finishing and we hope to send it out to contractors for bids soon.

Randy also spent most of February getting the electrical in his shop set up. When his part was done, WST Coop (our electrical provider) sent a “local” crew to put a new pole in place of the older one. The crew was so local (all six cherry picker trucks of them) that we they broke a water line in the yard, one of them was going to “run home” to get some pvc parts to fix it.  Randy had the parts so it was all good. Then a few days later the “imported” crew from Slidell came to run the underground part from the pole to the shop building. Then today, the final crew came to connect everything and Randy is probably the happiest kid in town.  Now he can use his table saw, welder, grinder, etc, etc, etc.  But not just yet…

from the front porch

Got a call from Hattiesburg this afternoon and my new riding lawn tractor arrived at the dealer.  Just in time. The grass really started to grow a few weeks ago and I even had to get out the push mower to do around the house just to trim things up a bit.  I couldn’t do a lot of the yard though-a girl has to have time to fish J


Love to all from Green Acres.


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