Das Boot

Das Boot

Cappuccino  and Marble

One day last January, after some fierce rains raised the level of the small pond, I decided to retrieve the small aluminum boat we had seen tucked away in the trees in the corner of it.  I had checked it out from the yard and noticed it was floating- finally -and wanted to get it before the next bout of showers.

It was the end of the day and I was already dirty from yard work, so I got a paddle and pushed my way through the brush and trees and found it.  It was indeed floating although it did have 2-3 inches of water and leaves in it.  As I untied it and got in both the dogs came crashing along and with tails wagging looked longingly at me in the craft.  They jumped in to join me as Randy appeared and said he wanted to come along.   So he got in and the fun began.

Cappy wasn’t happy as Randy pushed us further out so he leaped back onto the shore. I started paddling and Randy wondered if he should bail. Now– there were two containers in the boat: a dog bowl and a black plastic container. He started to bail (with the black container that turned out to be a planter with a large drainage hole in the bottom).  Cappy started swimming out me meet us and Marble found a frog-or maybe a lizard-but whatever it was it decided to run around in the leaves and water and Marble (all 80 pounds of him) started chasing it  from side to side.  Cappy reached us and Randy got busy trying to pull Cappy back into the boat that was rocking awesomely. THEN we noticed that the water in the boat was getting deeper.  “BAIL” I cried, “PADDLE” Randy calmly said, Marble bounced from side to side and Cappy just bounced.

We made it to safety without getting fully drenched. Lots of drama to travel about 30 ft never more that 5 feet off the shore!  Turns out the drain plug was missing from the boat :0 .  Oh, and the max capacity for the boat was 2 people or 325 pounds. I am not going to tell you what I weigh, but consider that we had 120+ pounds of dog alone.

And so ends another fine day on Green Acres.

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