Get it Growing I stole the title from one of LSU’s more prominent garden advisors. But it’s cool.


Going into my second spring here, I have expanded my garden from three 20ft rows to five, with 3 square foot boxes at the end for misc crops. More space, but not so many more things, just more space between plants for easier care and culture. I made boxes with the wood from the little porch that used to be between the two houses, not for a raised garden, but just trying to fend off the pasture grass and weeds from encroaching.

One of the new rows was made with reclaimed cinder block and will be a permanent asparagus bed.  Talk about needing patience. After you plant your asparagus crowns in the spring, you have to let the entire crop leaf out before cutting it down the following fall. Then you can start harvesting the next spring.


This winter, along with greens and radishes, I actually produced cauliflower and broccoli before the freeze, and found that the Brussel sprouts and cabbage came through the first few freezes ok. Those were so fun.

I just put in onions, garlic, radishes, and salad greens to start the spring. The warmer season veggies like cukes, tomatoes, okra, and eggplant will come later.

Also seeing if I can do herbs right this year and maybe some fun projects like this old ladder that we found under the old house.  (And Randy wanted to throw it away)

The azaleas along the front fence are beginning to bloom and some of the satsumas have flower blossoms despite losing all their leaves in the freeze. Just about all our plants survived the big freezes, too, including the transplanted hydrangeas and philodendron.


Hoping this nice spring weather keeps up and leads us into summer.

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