Name That Tree

Name That Tree

Now you would think that since we live in the “pine belt” that we would have mostly pine trees. Au contraire my friends. We do have a number of beautiful pines, but just about as many huge magnolias and oaks, and lots others.

In fact, one of the fun games we have been playing since actually buying Green Acres has been “name that tree”.

The previously mentioned ones were relatively easy (although I am still not clear on all the different TYPES of oaks we have).  We could tell the satsumas, fig and plum as well as the pecans and crepe myrtles.  One of my brothers came to visit and identified a lot of them. Some neighbors told us about “cowcumber” magnolias.  Then came the mystery trees.

Tung Oil Tree

This was one of the first that seemed to stump even the locals until one of the friendly WST Coop electric workers stopped by to see why our second electric meter wasn’t reading remotely anymore. He clued us in that it was a Tung oil tree. Seems there used to be Tung oil plantations all over southern LA and MS until a major freeze many years ago. He also showed us which trees were Maypop trees and even a casaba worm tree.


Sweet Olive


I had this one pegged as a ligustrum of some kind, but my cousin recently informed me that it is actually a Sweet Olive tree. It is an awesome heirloom fragrant type of tree.


Once we cleared out behind the shed, this one came to light. I still don’t know what is. It looks like willow bark and leaves, but willows usually send out lots of suckers and this one did not have any, so I am holding off on a final judgement. If anyone has ideas, we are all ears.

willow bark and leaf?








I found this one [OUCH] just a few weeks ago while Randy was working on the electric panel at the shop and thought I was seeing things.  Google came through for me when I typed in “tree with massive thorns”. It was the first hit!  You are looking at a Honey Locust tree.

Honey Locust
Honey Locust









That’s it for now, I will just “leaf” off here.

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