Project Green Acres

or… Pimp My Farm.

Randy and I are trying to take pictures daily to show progress and I will attempt to get them into this blog in a timely manner.

Currently our new home is a large slab of red clay being set up for the foundation lay and pour.  Since the rain has started and things may move slow, I thought I would show y’all how we got to this point.  As we approached the new construction date we were sad that our only option seemed to be to bulldoze the old house to make way for the new one. Then a neighbor expressed interest and Yeah!! In the course of just a few weeks he had removed the porches and cut down the roofs in preparation for the move. Then the movers came and moved it right down the road.  It was an incredible event. (note: if you ever want to make ALL the traffic on your street slow WAY down all the time, tell them you are going to move your house. )

Original house

Original house without porches and roofs being cut down  for actual moving.

House going

House gone

Prepping the lot

Blessed advent to all



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