Sneaux Day

The snow pretty much ended yesterday, but not before blanketing almost everything.




We haven’t found out what the official tally was, but it was at least 4 ½”

A little bit of the “wonder” wore off when the power went out. Even more so when you consider that without power…we had no running water since the well pump is electric also.  But, that was ok. We had water stockpiled from hurricane prep and the little house contains a wonderful stand-alone propane heater.  We three were nice and cozy in the great room and spent an evening by candlelight. I even managed to write out some Christmas cards and marveled that not long ago everyone worked by this kind of light at night.

Power was restored this afternoon and it was nice to be able to do dishes and take a shower-ahhh, the small pleasures.  We survived and still remain totally gratefully for our new place.


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