And How I Got Here

And How I Got Here

December 15, 2016



It seemed a long time coming and a long time happening, but now it seems to have taken just a blink of an eye. I am here…really here… waking up every morning, fixing a cup of coffee and taking it to this corner of the porch. The view changes daily. This view is from a summer visit we made and what I kept thinking of. Lately everything is brown and there is usually a fog in the pasture or a mist coming off the pond, hauntingly beautiful.


What an undertaking. Getting April and Andrew settled separately in Fresno (It is so comforting for ME to have them near each other). Two fun-filled (yeah, right!) trips across the country with Randy driving a large moving truck towing a car carrier with a vehicle on it and me following in another car with the dogs. All while getting the Palmdale house ready for sale in between trips.


Saying goodbye to family and friends was the hardest. We left Palmdale for the last time in the rain and I couldn’t help thinking that the sky was crying with me. Then we hit the weigh scales in Riverside, and as Randy pulled off in the Penske truck, reality set in, I had to focus on the present, and that set the tone for that last cross-country journey (The neighbors who watched us load the truck will understand my “concern”.)


Such an adventure.  Every day is a new “wow, so this is how they do things in Louisiana” experience.  At least for Randy it is. It’s all sort of coming back to me.


But I have to say I love being near Mom-what a great time to have her with me for 3 weeks while Randy was back in CA (yeah Mom that was 3 weeks with me and the dogs!).  Ditto for Paul and Gretchen-and thanks for helping us set up housekeeping and yardkeeping!


We live in a very rural and sparsely populated area where everyone who visits brings something they have grown or made and wants to know if we have a church yet. Actually, when I think about it, that was the way our Palmdale neighborhood was in the beginning. (Yes, neighbor across the street I am fondly remembering you.)  However, I really can’t see this place “developing” any time soon, thank goodness!


You will have to visit us to hear about things like: when you apply for a LA driver’s license and  they ask if you want a “real” or a “not real” license. And how to find a licensed contractor for your remodel or rebuild when a lot of the state is still trying to rebuild after floods. And what yaupon is and why you don’t want it on your property.


Blessed Advent Season to all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I will update in as I can during a visit from April, attending my first Saint’s game in the Dome, experiencing Christmas in LA as a resident, and only one more month to go until I can get my resident fishing license!  Life is good.

3 Replies to “And How I Got Here”

  1. Love the site, can’t wait till you post more.
    We miss you, but we’re looking forward to visiting.
    Happy New Year,
    Linda, Mark and the rest of the clan

    1. Happy New Year and thanks for checking it out. I am not getting time to blog like I thought I would, but will try 🙂 Miss you guys too and love the christmas cards

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