“Tis the Season

It is hard to believe that this is our 3rd Christmas at Green Acres.  Am I slowing down or is time moving faster? Or is it a combination of both!

We are getting ready to welcome the Cardenas family here for the holidays: oldest daughter, April, her new husband, Ervin and stepdaughter, Aubrey.  They are truly wonderful additions to our family.  We got a chance to visit them in Fresno this July when they tied the knot.  It was fun to meet all of Ervin’s family and celebrate with them.

We also got to hang out with son, Andrew while we were there. He will be graduating this spring from Fresno state in Women’s Studies and we hope the world is ready for him.

We will also host our younger daughter, Emily for a few days. She still lives in Amarillo and works hard as an electrician’s apprentice.  She too has guineas, and we love to compare notes on them.  She also has chickens, goats and a mini-mule! I think I will stick with just my guineas for now.

Randy’s bees (the girls!) did an awesome job this year. We were prepared not to get any honey but it was a bumper crop pollen and nectar wise.  We harvested our first honey in July with the help of friends Linda and Mark while they were staying with us during a thoroughly enjoyable visit.  It was so much fun to share good times—and good honey!  We got more honey in October and November with plenty left in the hive for the bees to winter over.  Randy already is acquiring more hive boxes to expand in the spring. Watch out Sue Bee.

While Randy was having fun with the bees, I was acquiring some Guinea Fowl!  I started with a small confusion of young ones, and am getting to experience life with semi-domesticated birds.  Marble and Cappy still don’t know quite what to make of these funny animals.

This leads us to Randy’s new favorite line:  He and I are now fully qualified to talk about the birds and the bees. LOL

I still garden most of the time. It was a joy to make up hanging baskets and cute pots  for the porch of the new house and to start landscaping around the house and flowerbeds. In the vegetable garden I grew some okra and soybeans (edemame) for the freezer, but, this was the summer of the pepper. I grew Chilitepin, Tabasco, Thai, Habanero, and Jalapenos. We have them pickled, dried and frozen.  We do like to spice things up here now and again.

And of course fishing never gets old. Every so often, I actually keep what I catch and Randy cleans them for me.  It sometimes goes in the freezer right next to the deer meat! Randy got a buck last year (from his “deer blind” aka back porch) that kept us in venison all year and he just bagged a doe to feed us next year. The sweetest part is that he cooks it too. AND does a fantastic job. He makes me feel like quite the queen bee.

While our home and land keeps us busy, we love having company. Granny visits regularly and we go wild playing cards and chicken foot! We also had a visit from Gram and Pat in November and that was too short and way too loaded with calories, but can’t wait to do it again.


Merry Christmas to all and wishing everyone the best of the best for the New Year.

What’s the Buzz

Things are sure buzzing here at Green Acres this spring.

Randy has been researching bees and attending local beekeeper meetings for almost a year and pulled the trigger this April. The result is a complete hive setup with a “nuke”, or starter colony installed. ‘’

It has been up for about 2 months and is going very well.  Now when he says he is going to spend time with “the girls” I know where to find him!

Merry Christmas 2018


As the year ends and we celebrate our first Christmas in the new house, it’s nice to sit here and remember the journey of the last six months or so.

Trail camera

The house is complete. Our builder is addressing a few repairs and Randy is tweaking some systems to his satisfaction.  We added a garage apron, some sod and seed and new limestone for the driveway. Looks great. I added some hydrangeas to the northeast wall and next to the back steps. They are plants that I grew from cuttings from a large plant that was here and had to be moved.

We have some basic furniture in place with new stuff scheduled for January arrival. The guest house is set up nice for mom and any guests who want to visit.

The dogs are loving it. Marble is holding his own at 80 lbs and has a kill record of 2 squirrels and 3 possums– that we know of. Cappy is pushing 60 lbs and everyone (including the vet) is trying to tell me he is just filling out from his puppy form. I just see a “chunky dog”

Gardenwise it was a great year for peppers (hot, mild, sweet and everything in between), one crop of eggplant, good okra, terrible cucumbers and tomatoes unfortunately. I also grew loofah and got some good ones. The asparagus is ferning nicely and I hope to start harvesting in the spring.

While it seems that Randy is always finding something about the house he wants to change just little, he still had time to help our neighbor with the hay in the pasture. He learned how to fluff and rake the hay in preparation for baling and even got to drive the tractor down the highway to another field. He was so happy. (I could just hear Craig Morgan singing International Harvester in my head).

He also got his first deer while I was taking care of Mom. He skinned it, cleaned it, deboned it, processed it, made roasts, shanks, tenderloin, ground meat and sausage—ALL BY HIMSELF-and smoked part of it too–Bear Grylls eat your heart out. We will eat well this year. And he got this deer from his deer blind-also known as our back porch. Can’t do that in Californina can ya?!

I survived the summer heat and was starting to enjoy fall when Mom had an accident in early November. She broke her left humerus and was miserable.  I was fortunate enough to be able to be with her through the doctors, consultations, preop clearances, then the surgery itself and the aftermath. Two plates with about 20 screws and one GIANT screw in her ulna.

They moved the funny bone nerve, but thankfully did not remove her wonderful  sense of humor! I am glad to report that her physical therapy  is super pleased with her progress and she seems to be healing well.

It was quiet Christmas. Mom was here and we were joined by my brothers and SIL’s. Nice day but we did miss the kids. Speaking of them….

Emily is living in Amarillo. She married Todd and is working hard as a union electrician in their apprenticeship program.  She calls me for cooking advice but it’s fun to hear her call and talk shop with her father.  Kind of like he thought he may be talking to his son who…

Is a junior now at Fresno State.  Andrew is doing well in Women’s Studies and still looking at a minor to compliment the major. He is happy in the dorms and has some support from April who….

Just got engaged! Ervin popped the question with his daughter Aubrey and we all very excited. She is still teaching science at Caruther’s High School and coaching JV volleyball among other things. She also just bought a new house.

So the years move forward, the family grows, we laugh, cry, pray, love and life goes on.

Love to all from Green Acres

Stop Thief! (caution-potty humor ahead)


So some days my husband is more smart-alecky than others, and he was having one of those days.

We were sitting on the porch of the little house, which faces the back pasture, when we heard the sound of a truck coming down the driveway. The workers had gone home for the day, but all their equipment was out in the yard as usual. Randy got up and looked around the corner and said “Someone is stealing our sh*t”.  OMG. You have to understand. He very seldom uses off color language, but wasn’t alarmed.  I got alarmed and had to go look.  Sure enough someone was taking our sh*t!  Well, not OUR sh*t, but our workers’ sh*t.

Actually….our contractor had had a portapotty  delivered for the duration of the construction and the company was here for the weekly pump out and freshen up.

So all was well and you just gotta love a man with a sense of humor.




Finally..the building inspector gave us a certificate of occupancy!

Finally..the contractor handed us the keys!

Finally..I am blogging about it!!!!

I was trying to find the time to do a full witty blog with wonderful pictures, but that’s not going to happen soon. So, here are the basics and some cool shots. Just bear in mind that we had about 3 days to move the basics before April, Ervin and Andrew came to visit. Then we just relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed visiting with them (yes, they did help with some heavy stuff).  Now we are slowly moving, landscaping, gardening, and loving our new house and my new view from the porch.

And the front

the side

the back


the great room and dining


the kitchen

the pantry

the guest bath


the study

the laundry








the master bath


the porch



the view from the master bedroom



Love to all and visit anytime

Moving Along






As work progresses on the house, I thought that once the roof was on, there would be mainly inside work.






Well, lots of inside work.  The plumbing, electrical and HVAC are all roughed in now. Windows and temporary (or dunnage) doors are in.

But in short order the porch posts and handrails were built.

And the brick work has started.


Hope everyone is having a Happy Easter Season. Alleluia!

And the Little Things

In the midst of the “big” house construction sometimes it’s the little things that make an impact:


Last summer I transplanted a unique orange iris from my mom’s house that my dad had found in the swamp, brought home, and put in the ground. It bloomed today!



Last Wednesday, my daily Lenten devotional book instructed me to try to recognize Jesus in people I met today. We did not go anywhere, but when I went outside I realized I had a bunch of carpenters in the new house! HA!


Randy transplanted the biggest satsuma in the middle of the winter and we worried after the snow and all the freezes…but there is sign of life!!

Now go find the joyous “little things” in your life!

Big Things are Happening

Things are starting to move quickly:

More work on the roof

And the porch

The main structure of the chimney is done and it looks impressive.

Almost all of the felt layer is done and the electricians and plumbers are onsite this week roughing their part.


Get it Growing


OK..so I stole the title from one of LSU’s more prominent garden advisors. But it’s cool.


Going into my second spring here, I have expanded my garden from three 20ft rows to five, with 3 square foot boxes at the end for misc crops. More space, but not so many more things, just more space between plants for easier care and culture. I made boxes with the wood from the little porch that used to be between the two houses, not for a raised garden, but just trying to fend off the pasture grass and weeds from encroaching.

One of the new rows was made with reclaimed cinder block and will be a permanent asparagus bed.  Talk about needing patience. After you plant your asparagus crowns in the spring, you have to let the entire crop leaf out before cutting it down the following fall. Then you can start harvesting the next spring.


This winter, along with greens and radishes, I actually produced cauliflower and broccoli before the freeze, and found that the Brussel sprouts and cabbage came through the first few freezes ok. Those were so fun.

I just put in onions, garlic, radishes, and salad greens to start the spring. The warmer season veggies like cukes, tomatoes, okra, and eggplant will come later.

Also seeing if I can do herbs right this year and maybe some fun projects like this old ladder that we found under the old house.  (And Randy wanted to throw it away)

The azaleas along the front fence are beginning to bloom and some of the satsumas have flower blossoms despite losing all their leaves in the freeze. Just about all our plants survived the big freezes, too, including the transplanted hydrangeas and philodendron.


Hoping this nice spring weather keeps up and leads us into summer.

Raising the Roof



Just a little update on the build.


As we get the spring started with tree fertilizing (over 100 pounds of the stuff!), cutting grass, pulling more weed trees out of the fence line, and a little landscaping, our builder is raising the roof.

The framing continues as the solid boards start to be placed on the outside.

Then the roof construction starts-another amazing phase to watch.

Next post will have the chimney under construction.